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Donna Allen's Guest Book Page and Free eBook Download Form

Welcome to my Guest Book page. 
I invite you to leave comments.


And please be sure to download my FREE eBook: "Take Back Your Life After You've Survived One Of Life's Traumatic Adversities"

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Secrets To Having A Survivor Instinct,
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Thank you.

Donna Allen
Writer, Speaker, and Airplane Crash Survivor

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Mitzi M said:   March 10, 2011 2:44 am PST
Thank you for sharing your success and hope with us Donna. We humans find ourselves shackled with all sorts of challenges and burdens. I believe through prayer and faith we can overcome them or at least learn to cope with them in a healthy way. I also believe we should take a deep breath, ask for courage and wisdom, and then do what we see we have to do.

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