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Donna Allen was interviewed on the Dialogues with Dan Internet Radio Show. Donna talked with Dan Windheim (a head injury survivor himself) about her life since surviving an airplane crash. She discussed her work on motivation and more.

To listen to Donna's radio interview, click on the audio player below:




Donna Allen appeared as a featured guest on the, Messages of Hope
television show, hosted by Jill Lublin
on the San Rafael, California Comcast network channel 26. Messages of Hope features guests who have inspiring stories and messages of hope to share with their viewers.  Donna shared, with Jill Lublin's viewing audience, her experience of overcoming her child abuse trauma and her devastating airplane crash injuries.

          To view part 1 of the TV interview, click on this video:


          To view part 2 of the TV interview, click on this video:


                       "Your show just aired this
                    Wednesday.  It was incredible! 
                    Thank you so much for taking 
                     the time to be our guest!"

                                                (Jennifer Geronimo, Speaker, Author 
                                       Management, and assistant to
                                       television host Jill Lublin)

"Congratulations on being on TV!

                          Wow!  You certainly have an 
                          inspirational story.  I would love to
                          have a copy of the DVD.  I admire
                          the way you focus on getting out there.
                          I should take lessons from you (smile).
                          I hope to hear more about your ongoing
                          accomplishmentsI know there will be

                                   (Gail Johnson, owner and CEO of
                                          Lasting Impression, one of the top
                                          San Francisco Bay Area on-camera
                                          media skills and presentation skills
                                          coaching firms


Donna Allen was a featured guest on the BlogTalk radio show, Optimal Health Seekers.  Donna shared how surviving an airplane crash turned tragedy into a personal triumph.  She discussed, with radio show host, Trish Robichaud, her story of breathlessness during the airplane crash, the life trials that led her to that tragic moment, and the gut-wrenching journey that's finally given purpose to her life.

Optimal Health Seekers Radio, is a show that educates, inspires, and empowers people seeking to find their own personal level of optimal health.  
  To listen to Donna's radio interview, click on the audio player below: 



Donna Allen was a featured guest on the internet radio show, Dialogues With Dan, on Rockland World RadioDonna discussed with radio show host, Dan Windheim (a head injury survivor himself), her harrowing airplane crash experience and how she survived it.

Dialogues With Dan Radio Show (based in Rockland County, New York) focuses on issues that affect people with disabilities. It is about the history, focus, and future of people with disabilities and what makes then who they are. Rockland World Radio is the premiere on-line internet radio destination for Rockland County's Independent Music, Art, and Culture.

          To listen to Donna's radio interview, click on this link:
Dialogues With Dan 
              "That was so impressive! You are a terrific speaker 
              - very eloquent. It was fascinating to hear your story
                and I look forward to your book!!" 

                   (Donna Freeberg, owner of the
                          network: Disabilities - No Limitations

                   "This was a powerful dialogue and Donna is so
                    eloquent in her rendition of her struggles and
triumphs for all to listen to and to bring home
advice in many areas of disability and strength.
                    It is a lovely interview, with great depth,
                    resources, and insight"

                                              (Donna Freeberg's message to the members of 
                                      her network: Disabilities - No Limitations.
                                               Donna Freeberg, Owner of the network
                                               Disabilities - No Limitations)

                             Donna Allen has been named "Influencer Of The Week"
by Donna Freeberg, the owner of the network:
                        Disabilities - No Limitations.

                                           (Donna Freeberg, Owner of the LinkedIn network
                                                       Disabilities - No Limitations) 


Donna Allen was a featured quest on the BlogTalk radio show, Conversations LIVE, hosted by radio show personality Cyrus WebbCyrus Webb welcomed Donna Allen to Conversations LIVE to discuss how she has been able to survive not only child abuse but how surviving a plane crash has changed her life as well.

To listen to Donna's radio interview, click on this link:

Conversations LIVE


Donna Allen was a featured guest on the Life Beyond Trauma Podcast Radio Show on Success Talk Radio hosted by Dr. Melody Brooke.   Dr. Brooke is an accomplished and respected psychotherapist, a gifted speaker, a talented actress, and teacher.  Donna shared, with Dr. Brooke's radio listening audience, how she survived the trauma of her airplane crash accident and the trauma of her child abuse experience.  


                  “Donna is an inspiration. Her story,
                   her heart, and her ability to use
                   what God has given her to reach out
                   to others is truly moving.” 

                        "I loved our interview and the time
                         we spent together on the show.
                         It was not only fun but touching to me."

Melody Brooke 
Lic. Marriage & Family Therapist
                                                    and host of Life Beyond Trauma
                                                    podcast radio show

A radio interview broadcast of Donna Allen along with a panel of guests, on the subject of women and disability, was aired on The Women's Magazine Show at KPFA radio station in Berkeley, California.

         Safi Wa Nairobi

               "I hope all is well, Donna, and thank you
so very much for joining the
                Women's Magazine'.  I look forward to 
                getting you back on the air on 'Pushing
                Limits' and 'Cover to Cover' and further
                down the road back on the Women's
                magazine, too."

                                         (Safi Wa Nairobi, Radio Host of
                                                 'Women's Magazine
                                                  at KPFA Radio Station

                        "Donna, how wonderful for you.  I'm
                         listening to the copy of the interview you
                         sent me and you come across very well.
                         You have a very positive attitude and it 
                         comes across very refreshing.  You
                         sound very polished.  Your voice is clear,
                         well projected and your answers are 
                         focused.  I can see why the producer 
                         would want you back.  I'm so proud of you
                         Donna!  Good luck in future Interviews.
                         Thank you for sending me a CD copy of
                         the interview."

                           (Gail Johnson, owner and CEO of
                                                              Lasting Impression, one of the top
                                                              San Francisco Bay Area's on-camera
                                                              media skills and presentation skills
                                                              coaching firms)
                                                              San Francisco Bay


Donna Allen used her speaking skills when she spoke before 100's of people (approximately 500 in attendance) at The University of California at Berkeley at a memorial for, and in celebration of, the life of Barbara Shearer, a renowned concert pianist and one of the San Francisco Bay Area's prominent music professorsMrs. Shearer was an immensely popular performer, and her Bay Area concerts regularly attracted overflow audiences.  To Donna, Mrs. Shearer was a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.

     "Of all the tributes to Barbara that day, 
      Donna's was the most moving." 

(David Whitman, 
manager of the
                              Alfred Hertz Memorial Concert Hall
                              at The University of California, at Berkeley)


Memorial Letter From Donna Allen to Barbara Shearer.pdf

UC Berkeley In Memoriam - Barbara Shearer
    (with a mention of Donna Allen)


    Barbara Shearer Publicity Photo



Donna Allen was interviewed, quoted, and photographed, at The UC Berkekey Alumni House on the campus of The University of California at Berkeley, by reporter, Safi Wa Nairobi, of The National Minorities with Disabilities Coalition for their promotional calendar.

       Safi Wa Nairobi

                      (Safi Wa Nairobi, NMDC Reporter-Photographer)


Donna Allen and best selling author, Walter Mosley (Author of the famed 'Easy Rawlins' series), posed for a photo op, held at The Oakland Museum, during an author-speaking event surrounding Walter Mosley's release of his new and final book in the 'Easy Rawlins' series: 'Blonde Faith'.

                                                 (Debra Allen, Photographer)

Donna Allen contributed her article, Having a Survivor Instinct, to a blog called:
HEAL MY PTSD: A blog for Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder Awareness, Education,
   Treatment, and Self-Empowered Healing

                            To see Donna's article, click on this link: 
                    Survivor Instinct

                    "It's hard to write about trauma.
                     It's even harder to move beyond it.
                     But Donna Allen has done both with
                     courage, resilience, clarity and
                     strength.  She has transformed her
                     life.  Anyone seeking inspiration can
                     find it in her."

                                              (Michele Rosenthal
                                                Founder, Heal My PTSD, LLC
                                                worked directly with Donna
at Heal My PTSD blog) 


On the Heal My PTSD website page, Making the Shift: Survivors Share Coping Techniques, Donna Allen contributed her thoughts and her recovery tips on how she deals with the anniversary date of her airplane crash accident.

Heal My PTSD's series of sharing how survivors relate to, reclaim, and manage their traumatic PTSD dates, serves as the final installment, which gives the last word to survivors of trauma.

     To see Donna's contribution, click on this link and then
     scroll down the web page to Donna Allen's entry
Making The Shift 

Donna Allen was featured on the Fearless Nation PTSD Support Group website with a mentioned link to her resent radio interview about surviving and thriving after her airplane crash experience.   The Fearless Nation Organization was founded so that people, who suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), won't feel alone and lost as so many have experienced.  Fearless Nation's teachings, about the hard lessons that can be learned through such experience, can benefit anyone who is struggling with PTSD.         

            To view Donna's featured spot on Fearless Nation,          
            Click on this link: 
                        Airplane Crash Survivor Speaks

Airplane Crash Survivor, Donna Allen, has been named "A Fearless Nation Role Model!" by the Fearless Nation PTSD Support Group on their 'Raising Awareness' webpage. Raising Awareness: PTSD is difficult to diagnose, difficult to treat, and current healthcare systems and social climates deter people from getting the help they need.  Frankly many people believe that PTSD is not a real injury.       

        To see this commendatory mention of Donna Allen, go to:

Donna Allen was a prized winner in the 2010 Reporter Connection Member Contest sponsored by Bradley Communications Corp.; a service connecting busy journalists with experts available for media interviews.

Bradley Contest Period 6 (Feb 26, 2010)
-- Donna Allen has won a Sony portable DVD player


Donna Allen has been published in:
* The Victory News Journal
* Heal My PTSD Blog
Having A Survivor Instinct
   * Making The Shift
* Reach Out Magazine Online

     * Having A Survivor Instinct
     * Your Survivor Story From Trauma To Transformation

        To read Donna's article, click on this link:
* WE Magazine For Busy Women On The Move

       To read Donna's article, click on this link: WE Magazine 

Spotlight on Recovery Magazine

              "Donna wrote an article called "Having a Survivor 
               Instinct" which appeared in Spotlight on
Tragedy on Wheels". This issue 
               focused on drunk drivers, driving under the
               influence, and reckless driving.  I believe we all 
               need to have a survivors instinct because we never
               know what's coming our way.  Unfortunately,
               so many are not prepared.  I am hoping that
               Donna has more information to share for my
               upcoming issue - "The Competition""
(Robin Graham,  
                         owner and publisher of 
                         Spotlight On Recovery Magazine)


View Donna Allen's profile on LinkedIn:
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